The Day I Was Born Birthday Gift

Finding a great birthday gift can be so hard!

  • What do you get for a senior who has everything? Your choice is doubly important when it's for a "big" birthday, like a 60th, 70th, 80th, ... you want it to be so special!
  • Or how about a child's first birthday? They probably already have plenty of toys, so something the parents will appreciate is great, but again, what to get?
  • And then there's co-workers - you don’t want the birthday gift to be too personal or too boring.

So many people just like you have struggled with these difficulties when it comes time to buy a birthday gift.

Well the good news is: this is the end of your search! The Birthday Report is a truly unique keepsake gift that will be enjoyed by young and old for years to come. I mean really, do you know anyone who would not be interested in knowing what happened the day I was born? That's what makes this gift so perfect: you can't miss! Our customers have given this birthday gift for all ages, literally from 1 to 100.

And at just $29.99, the Birthday Report is also a very affordable birthday gift!

The Birthday Report is a personalized 40+ page report bursting with details about "the day I was born":

  • Who shares my birthday? Famous people with my birthday.
  • What happened on my birthday?
  • What happened the year I was born?
  • Number one songs, movies, and books on my birthday
  • Birthday compatibility, zodiac, tarot, Chinese astrology
  • Financial information: the price of bread, gold, gas, houses on the year I was born
  • and more!
Birthday Gift Reaction

A gift should always make this happen!

With nearly 500,000 facts in our database, everyone's birthday report makes for a captivating read!

You can even customize it:

Birthday Report Cover
  • Upload their photo for the front page
  • Add their birth to the historical births
  • Add who it's for and who it's from
  • Order it in large print
  • Add guest sign-in pages for parties

Want to see a full birthday report? You can download a sample birthday report here. (it's about 3 MBs)

Buy A Birthday Report

Birthday Report Wizard

Birthday Report Cover

This wizard will guide you through the steps to buy your personalized birthday report. It is an electronic report delivered to your email address as a PDF file. There is no printed report shipped to you.

Please note that printed reports, which sell for $59.99 plus shipping, are temporarily unavailable. They will return Apr 27. You can still purchase a digital report now.

Step 2: Choose Your Theme

The theme is what controls your report's colors and layout. You have a choice of two themes:

Step 3: The Recipient's Name

Who is the report for? This person's name will be on the front page:

Step 4: Front Page

First choose a photo to upload, and then click on the Upload button. If your upload was successful, you will see your photo below.

Custom Report Cover Image

Note: If the above Upload button is disabled, it is because your device does not support file uploads. If you still wish to use a custom photo, either use a laptop/desktop to place the order, or proceed with the order now and email us the photo after your order is complete. Please be sure to include the person's name so that we can match up the photo with the correct report.

Sample front pages:

Standard Birthday Report Front Page

Standard Front Page

Customized Birthday Report Front Page

Custom Front Page

Step 5: Report Date

Set the recipient's birth date.

Step 6: Your name

Who is the report from? Your name will also be on the front page:

Step 7: Personal Event

Optionally add a personal event to announce the person's birth. It will be added with the other historical births for that decade. For example "Jim Curtis, cabinet maker and renowned fine woodworker."

Would you like to add a personal event?

Personalize your birth event here:

Preview for :

    Step 8: Add-ons

    Guest Sign-in Pages

    Guest Page

    You can add up to six guest sign-in pages. These are great when you are giving the gift at a birthday party, it gives a place for guests to sign and write their own birthday greetings.

    Please select the number of guest pages you would like:

    Large Print

    Large Print Edition

    A large print edition is available for people who have difficulty reading standard sized text. Note that this will increase your number of pages by about 40%. Would you like large print instead of regular print for an additional $9.99?

    Page Protectors

    Deluxe Birthday Report Page Protectors

    You can make your report spill and tear proof by adding page protectors. Each page of the report will be slipped into its own clear plastic sleeve, adding to the durability of the report. Would you like us to add page protectors for an additional $14.99?

    Step 9: Shipping within US

    Not shipping within US? Click flag to change destination:

    The above times are for shipping only, they do not include our processing time to prepare the report. Often we can get the report processed within 24 hours, but please allow up to 4 additional business days before we ship the report.

    Please note that these are the expected shipping times, they are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for postal service delays.

    Last step: payment!

    Note: you a buying a digital report that will be emailed to you, there is no printed report being shipped to you.

    Please click below to make your payment and specify your email address.

    Total: $

    Order Summary:

    Report Date:
    Personal Event:
    Uploaded Photo:
    Print Size:
    # Guest Pages:
    Page Protectors:

    Often we can get the report done within 24 hours, but please allow up to 4 business days for delivery of your electronic copy of the report. Please check your spam folder during the next few days in case the email was incorrectly labeled as spam. The report will be sent to the email address that you specify when checking out with our payment processor.

    In A Hurry?

    Most of the time we can process your order within 24 hours. If we are swamped though, we ask for your patience and please allow up to 4 business days. If we see that the birthday is coming up within the next few days, we will automatically prioritize it and do our best to get it to you in time for the birthday.

    Please feel free to email us first (at ) if you want to know if we can handle a priority order. We can almost always accommodate your request, and at no extra charge.

    Customized Reports

    If you would like to make any changes to the report format, please let us know before ordering the report. We will happily accommodate small changes (adding/removing text, etc) for free, or give you a quote for more involved customizations. Take a look at our sample report to see if there are changes you would like.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you are not satisfied with your report for any reason whatsoever, just tell us why (we're always looking for ways to improve!) and we will then refund you the full purchase price, minus shipping charges for a printed report.

    Birthday Gifts For Employees

    Are you looking for unique, personalized birthday gifts for your staff? We offer co-branding in our Birthday Report For Employees!

    Bought a report? Please let others know what you thought of it:

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