The World Birthday Map

Find your astro twins - people born on exactly the same day and year as you.

Enter your birthplace below to leave a balloon on the map so that others can find you.

Enter your birthplace

Add A Birthplace Wizard

This wizard will guide you through the steps to add your birthplace to the map!

Step 1: Your Name

In this step you can attach your Facebook id to your balloon, so that when someone clicks on your balloon, they can see your public profile.

Step 2: Your Birthplace

We've just plopped a green balloon in the middle of the map. It's your job to place it where you were born. You can either:

  1. drag it to the correct location (you will see an 'X' under it when you drag it - that's the part you want to place)


  2. type the location in the search box below and then click on the little magnifier thingie. We'll move your balloon to that place.

Step 3: Your birth year

For privacy reasons, you can optionally omit your birth year from your balloon. Unfortunately, others born on exactly the same day as you will not be able to see you. That is, your balloon will not turn red when someone displays the map with your birth day and year.

Choose your birth year option:

Last Step: Save your Birthplace!

See the info box we drew over your balloon? That is what others will see when they click on your balloon. If you're happy with it, click on Save. Otherwise go back, and make changes, or just click Cancel if you've changed your mind.

Click on the balloons in the map to see who has your birthday!

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